Replicating artwork, such as a company logo or promotional product, takes talent
that requires experience, attention-to-detail, along with state-of-art technology to
get the job done.

Screen Art's versatile "custom transfer division" has the proven expertise to make extraordinary custom transfers.

Whether you're using our in-house sevices, or purchasing your own heat press for
imprinting your desings, our experienced staff directs you through every phase of the process.The result? Dynamic custom images that leave lasting, positive impressions.

A comprehensive selection of custome processes is available to achieve nearly any special effect desired.

*      Sport Color
*      Puff
*      Metalic
*      Glitter
*      High Gloss
*      Other Special Effects

For more details or orders contact us at the following number or e-mail.

Phone :91-022- 25004982 , 91-022-25001621
Fax : 91-022-25000381

E-mail :

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